About the Project

Every business needs to advertise itself and spread their message to new customers if it wants to keep growing. Many companies, including small businesses, rely on the expertise of advertising agencies to help them create and execute effective marketing strategies.

In this digital era, traditional billboard advertisement is seen to lacking it’s true potential.

It is seen that advertisement business is one of the most profitable business. With over 500 billboards set up in Guwahati, Advertisement industry in Guwahati is growing rapidly. Project Influenja aims to become the market leader in Digital Video Wall Advertisement in Guwahati by the end of FY25. Our Aim is to set up 50 LED Video walls by the end on the FY25.

How are we going to do it? Precisely Explained.

This section has been divided into three parts.

  1. The Location
  2. Partnering with the competition
  3. Budget and Other Expenses
  4. Generating Profits
  5. Outperforming the Competition

1. The Location

  • The rules implementated by the Guwahati Municipality Corporation has been attached here.
  • Finding a Great Location: Our aim is to select the most prime locations in Guwahati with highest number of visitors, preferably the Bhangagarh area, Airport area, Paltan Bazar Train Station¬† and the Zoo Road Area. We can either tie up with the existing players or select a new location.

2. Partnering with the competition.

In case there is no other option, we can partner with a third party only if the agency agrees the following conditions:

  • The partnership must be valid atleast for 50 years from the date of partnership so as to avoid competition.
  • The agency will be paid a little more than the price that they charge for advertising. It should be kept in mind that the rent and other expenses that they were bearing must be paid up by them during the partnership tenure.
  • A non-disclosure and a non-competitive agreement must be signed.
  • The electricity bill will be paid by CybroXide.


  • Partnering with the competition helps reduce the competition.
  • A great location can be acquired.


  • A major amount of profit must be paid to the partner.

3. Budget and other Expenses:

Cost of a LED Video Wall:

  • Resolution: P6 Video Wall
  • Price: Rs. 5000/sq. feet.
  • Min. requirement: 16 ft x 9 ft.
  • Cost Per panel: Rs. 8,50,000 ( approx amount inc. 18%¬† GST)
  • Miscellaneous Expenses: Rs. 1,50,000 (includes licences, CCTV, insurance, operational cost for the next 3 Months, etc.)
  • Grand Total: Rs. 10,00,000.

4. Generating Profits:

Each LED Video wall can generate revenue of Rs. 3-6 Lakhs per month. (Estimations are shown below)

  • Cost per 10 sec Ad: Rs. 25-50,000 (for 28 Days)
  • Total number of ads in a lot: 12
  • Each lot of 12 Ads will be played in loop.
  • Total Revenue: 3,00,000-6,00,000.
  • PRIME TIME will be charged higher than the normal rate.


  • Week Days: 4pm-8pm
  • Weekends: 4pm-10pm
  • Festive Season: 9am-11pm

5. Outperforming the Competition:

  • With the power of Technology and CybroXide’s Product-Service Ecosystem, it will be very easy for us to outperform the competition.
  • The Ad-charges will be comparitively lower than the traditional billboard advertisements.
  • Videos are more engaging for viewers than the static images.
  • With the power of automation, we will be able to reduce our expenditure significantly.
  • A Recurring Revenue Model will probably increase our revenue by 20%.